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I have just moved to this area and at night I hear what appears to be hundreds of an unknown type of animal or thing making noise in the trees, it sort of sounds like a frog????
My internet connection is medium speed broadband and I would like to see the clips without the buffering by saving the file, but thats not an option when I right click on the video thats playing. I beleive it is in Adobe Flash 9.
I log in Connected to Central Server. Whenever I try to upload a file, it gives me an error message stating that the connection to the central server could not be established. Please check your luser id and password. When I type in the same user id and password again, then it works. What would be causing this? Seems to happen everytime.
One of my friends (from out of the country) just arrived at the Central Michigan University, but she doesn't have a cell phone plan there. If anyone in that area uses a cell phone, can you tell me what service you use?
flying to tampa for a wedding in may and have to get the entire group to the airport together on may 17 and return may 21. need a limo or mini-bus