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What causes the trade winds and how are they related to Polar Winds and Doldrums?I know a bit about trade winds, polar winds and doldrums, but what causes them and how are they related to each other?
Since the world is entering an ice age, Wouldn't green house gasses actually help the environment?
It does heighten the senses after all, so it might be that it exposes what we already have.What do you think?
a schnauzer is having mild seizures. Can it be the food he eats?
Last night while petting my Australian shepherd/lab mix I noticed a large mass on the end of his ear. It is about the size of my palm and goes out about an inch from both sides and when he let me examine it seemed like there was pus in it. It causes him no pain(which is why I haven't taken him to the vet already) and I was wondering if there was a certain bug or disease that was causing this to happen. He is about seven years old and has had chronic dry skin all his life but it has never really affected his head only where the tail begins.