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What caused the financial crisis. Who is to be blamed? For example is it the capitalist system, lack of supervision, bankers, etc. What are the repercussions? Is it blown out of proportion or is it as bad as the Great Depression?
Some people just can't see the connection. Do you?Six BILLION people do have an impact on the planet.Scientists agree the Earth's climate is being directly affected by human activity, and for many people around the world, these changes are having negative effects. Records show that 11 of the last 12 years were among the 12 warmest on record worldwide. Be Part of the
external and internal forces
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Tangent Bill
From what i've read, global warming is primarily natural in cause. It is caused by variations in the earth's orbit around the sun. The earth's climate goes in 100,000yr cycles, with 90,000yrs of ice-age, and 10,000yrs of global warming. Liberals and environmental extremists like to put most of the blame on humans, but I think they're wrong. We should take care of the earth however, and we don't want to make global warming worse.
pets to die? For all anyone knows, the food that they are selling now could be just as bad as what was recalled-they have not found any problems in the product that was recalled
i heard that she just fell over in her hotel but what did she die from? some say the diet pills she took.. but i dont think thats what it is.
Conservativeatheist it the user who used it in excess or the manufacturer or the FDC? I'm kind of scared of medications in general but now this is a bit worse. It makes me feel that I don't know what to trust or whom?
Amazing Guy
There is something about an element of anonymity that allows some people to open up more. But friendships form so very easily here and I wonder, after becoming less anonymous have you started to sensor your answers more than you first did? I find that there are certain groups of users here that I have grown very comfortable with so I actually am less inhibited than when I first arrived. But I will admit, I sometimes read my answers after they are posted and I think to myself... Geeesh, maybe you should not have been SO honest! lol So how has it affected you? More open or less open with your answers?