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Tangent Bill
I am 31yrs old, and I don't have a career or a car yet. I am currently on disability, but I plan on working and getting off of disability.
Tangent Bill
What should I do about my loneliness and wanting a girlfriend? I am a pretty good looking guy though, tall, intelligent, friendly.
the employer is asking me why are u choosing loan officer career?
Defense. However, in the areas of Computer Security & Defense, I know squat! I'll tell you what programs I have installed. Can you tell me if I have overkill or underkill? Is my computer security adequate, too little, or too much? Recommendations are sincerely appreciated! I use stopZILLA, a program that blocks pop-ups, spam, and spy intrusions. I also use McAfee Anti-virus & Firewall. I also use Windows Defender. I also run "full scans" twice every 24 hours, and everything runs in real-time background, thus I get immediate alerts. Thanks!
I just want to know which goalkeeper has scored the most goals ever!
I'd like to know more about the power and environment aspect of that field