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what are some car service trend
I just want to have my son's name on the car title to make sure the car will be under his control if something happens to me.
Tags: legally
My car has an alarm system, and an immobilizer. Was driving to work this morning and noticed a car in the cark with an alarm that had been activated. My initial thoughts on hearing the alarm should have been. “Has someone attempted to steal that car, are the thief’s still around? Should I call the police? Etc” but no, my initial thought was that the owner needs to turn it off. Am I alone in ignoring car alarms?
i love my current car even though its old a 96 toyota celica covert. but wish i could afford one where the doors open up instead of out
Why does my amp go into protective mode as soon as i turn my car on? it makes a little thud noise then the protective lights on the amp goes on. I checked the wire with a voltage metre and they all seem to work. what else could be the problem? i have also checked the fuses and the are fine.