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Mumtaz Hassan
- while the vehicle is mobile?
if my car computer is activated. (antitheft) it will kill my injectors? or my starter?it is a ford mustang 98 v6. I was wondering if is my fuel pump becausehas only 40 psi
I've always wondered about this question - here's the scenario... I'm driving to the top of one of our uniquely steep hills in the lovely city of San Francisco. The car slows as I drive up the hill and by the time I make it up to the stop sign at the top of the hill, the car has stopped, regardless of me hitting the brake, because of the street's slope. In terms of whether or not my car's lack of momentum counts as a "stop" or not, do I have to actually touch and apply pressure to the brake for my stop at the stop sign to "count" as an "official stop" in the minds of traffic enforcement? Do they need to see brake lights go on in the back of my car for the stop to "count?"
Gypsy Miles From
I know what I like to drive, but for people who don't, what's the best way to start? I know about kbb and edmunds, but does anyone else have any tried and true methods?
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john the expertwhat is the price for hydrogen fuel in the new york area,an the price that the car cost,that burns this type of fuel. seen on computer in california that they opened for the first time a gas station an didn,t show a price.
ive just repainted some panels on a 2000 explorer,other than the orange peel it looks fine,how can i get the orange peel out without repainting?
2 accidents, 3 fender benders and 1 bad one on a motorcycle, I got one to go.
My first car it is used but i want to see
One Twisted Child
I am talking about good old American muscle cars, Charger, Chevelle, GTO, etc....Personally, due to my Mopar addiction, I am partial to the '71 Hemicuda convertible or hard top, with the 426 Hemi.Anyone got a couple of million I can borrow? :)
car over median altoona Iowa around july 10-13 08
Texas Girl
would you feel safe on the interstate in one of the little things? or for that matter, on a city street?
The noise gets louder when the car is idling and if the air conditioner is being used. The noise can be heard all the time; but seems to get quieter when in drive. I can hear it more on the passenger side. My car's power does not seem to be affected in any way. I have taken it in to a mechanic who told me that he is not sure; but thinks it is the motor and probably a piston is going bad. Any opinions on what might be wrong? I plan on taking it in for a second opinion; but thought I would see if anyone on here has any ideas. Thank you:)