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i would like to cover up scratches and go from white to a new color... any ideas as to how much this may cost?? approximately??
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New/Used/Repair, Gas/Electric/LP/Diesel/E85, Buy/Lease, 2/5/7years.How do you maximize your total dollar investment and satisfy your needs/wants/concerns?
Details: - Driver of other car is from TX- Accident happened in AZ- Both drivers are professional truck drivers.
Im buying a car used and the manufacture dealership warranty is up in 1 year i would like to have that extended 1. is it possible 2. how much money am i looking at
I heard about this through a friend who is considering doing this conversion to his vehicle. I was told it would increase fuel mileage by 40% on using plain tap water. The conversion is suppose to be $150 and does not void vehicle warranties.
It's a 1991 Acura Integra GS, and it has a 12 gallon tank. Is 250 miles a tank enough?Also it cost me $42.00 to fill that little car at Arco.Is there any hope in sight of gas going down?
can i use a obd 2 code reader to reset it
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Samuel Deva
are the older muscle car prices dropping down again ??? saw a Boyd Coddington piece go for under $130,000. recently...