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occupation would you expect them to have?
I'm looking for the song, that takes place when Doc Hudson gets his old racing tires on again, and races by himself, and McQueen is watching, its short easy to listen to but very catchy, any ideas, I've checked the soundtrack on Itunes I can't seem to find it on there, any other suggestion?
I have heard that they are more expensive because they use genuine parts and they are usually better trained with the latest technology. Is it true? The challenge is finding a good mechanic you can trust and costing less than the dealer.
my bluetooth system was working until 2 days ago in my '08 nissan armada, i've checked the connection
Home Grown
since the gas prices are so high will you be traveling far.
im gettin my son a mustang v6 not the v8 so is it not considered a sports car some people tell me yea some say no so could somebody clear this up for me
A-travel a few miles per hour above the regular speed limit to get a good look at traffic and situationsB-travel a few miles per hour below the traffic flow,and stop frequently to get maximum survellianceC-use a stationary position,parking for 30 minutes or more at various locationsD-go with the flow of traffic,no faster or slower