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My windwhield wipers started making a squeaking sound the other day when I was using them. How do I know when it's time for a new pair of wipers or wiper blades?
Are you driving an electric car (not hybrid)? If so, what's your experience been like? Where did you get your electric car? How far do you drive it? Do you have any problems with it?
Al rite im turning 17 soon and have to get a car. Im a really big fan of the mazda rx8 but my parents are saying its a sports car and considering my other circumstance being a male and 17 my insurance just naturally is going to already be high. But would a insurance company consider this a sports car. For it only has 190hp its 4 doors with 4 seats and is automatic. So were does the sports car factor come in?????? Please help
I've tried denatured alcohol, oops, goof off graffiti remover they all dull the paint soap and water or household cleaners are not strong enough any ideas?
108th Penguin
i got int an accident and these people just started towing my car and they told me that they have to tow it, is that true?
Today a Subaru dealer gave her a Forester to try for a few days. We went out tonight for dinner and driving in traffic. We hadn't driven a little car like that before. It was not suitable for my wife. She also liked the Porsche Cayanne S, The VW Tourage is the same isn't it? Why do they rate them so differently in regards to comfort and vision? Any ideas of another car to try.
thousand miles on it. Dealers that we have talked to have passed on wanting to buy it for a trade in. Any ideas on how to sell an executive auto?
I have a few times! So embarrassing not to remember where you parked!
My car got egged last night. Isn't that just lovely? Anyways. I cleaned it off at like 11 AM. Is my paint on my car fine?