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repaired?Replacing one rotor and one caliper and pads on both sides.Organic pads.
Wondering how they work -- what brand do you have? Want to buy one as a gift....if they work well.
Are there any taxes that i have to pay in arizona? in california? is it worth it?
is the gas tank light always on and turn a diff colorif ther eis a problem, or is it on and maybe stuck.....-14degrees Celsius here....very much below 32deg far...tku....:)
I am looking for an HD radio receiver that is truly ready to go. One that I can install and it receives HD radio signals. I don't want to have to buy an expensive add on. So what should I look for? Am I looking for "HD radio ready" or what? Also, if you know of any models like this, especially any double din models, please tell me those. Thanks for any help
Customs impounded car at Tijuana border. Car is in San Diego. How much you think it will cost to get out of impound? Need to wait 3 days to find out how much. Any price ideas?
I hit a parked car with a moving truck and had no insurance at that time ( it was invoked ). I got a call today and I am asked to pay $4,500. I can't pay that much, what should I do?
I have an auto loan out for a vehicle and because of life circumstances I can no longer afford the ridiculous monthly payment. The car was almost reposed at one point and I was able to keep it but after some serious thought I realize that there is no way I can keep this and I need to just buy in cash a cheap vehicle for everyday use. I am wondering if anyone has experience in doing this and what the procedure entails. I am also curious what to expect from the finance company, I am sure they will auction it off and make me pay the difference, but it may be better than struggling to make a $485 payment each month for the next 4 years.