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car audio subs
Tags: alpine
Just watched that movie in Biology. How could GM have been so stupid, they could've gained monopoly on electric cars and drastically decreased our nations fossil fuels, but instead they recalled them all. Why aren't companies now trying to build electric cars.We have technology that can get an electric car with a 500 mile range charged overnight. Accelerate to 60 mph in 3 seconds, but instead, I guess we'd rather be spending $10 a gallon by the end of 2010.
Tags: electric
I hit 135 mph in a car. And 150 mph on a motorcycle. Both were done a long time ago.
My friend is letting me use her car. It has insurance and a title but their not in my name .
I tried to find an owner's manual to download, but couldn't find one that didn't cost at least $30.00. A friend, who lives a 1000 miles away, claims her owner's manual doesn't tell her how to use the overdrive feature on her Toyota Highlander, and so far I have been unable to locate this information on the net.
A have a Peugeot 203 that is about 62 years old, and I still drive it today.
Tags: oldest
Politics Junkie
Destination Unknown ? Or do you know where you are going!, tell us. Lets Ride!