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Tags: accord
I've always loved the old school muscle, GTO, Cuda, Camero, Nova, etc... However, Corvette's are my all time favorite!
Corys Angel
I have had people see me coming out of the building and run.
Give me an idea which has the best price and gas mileage. I would also like a few features like Aux connection on the radio for an iPod.
Must have four seats and not cost over $70K, preferably cabriolet. Must be women proof with maximum two liter engine.
Tags: european
Cn I lease a car after bankruptcy if I have a co-signer with excellent credit?
Bargain Seeker
I am looking into buying a 2008 Toyota highlander and the dealer is charging a dealer handback of roughly 700 dollars separately. I thought that the dealership should get this money from Toyota and i shoudlnt be paying this?
Should you ask friends? Is there a set of questions you should ask a car mechanic? Should they have updated certifications? Should they have been in business XX numbers of years? Is there a website that rates car mechanics? Answers to any of these question will help.
I am going to be starting a new job which requires me to do a fair amount of travel. What car service provides the best perks and best service. I am looking for nightmares and things to look out for... as well as the company with the best upgrade / free rental perks.
Doctor Woot
Would not that be something. Finally a concept that does not cause pollution.