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I need to buy a 4 Wheel Drive car in Dubai (Gulf-UAE), can you please recommend most popular brand/Make (Toyota Land Cruiser ,Trial Blazer,Ford Explorer ...etc)
them, she also fly fishes and the cars smell terrible. She wants a new Mercedes SLR like her old one only white so it won't always look dirty. I'm thinking A Porsche GT3, Bentley Continental GTC or an Aston Martin DB9. The Lamborghini SUV looks interesting. Any ideas?
While i am driving my car, the temperature on my care stays right in the middle where it has always been. However, when i stop at a stop light i notice the temperature rises slowly and if stopped long enough all the way to the red end. Then when i start driving again it will drop down within 10-15 seconds to a normal temperature. any ideas? i have a 96 honda accord.
Like I said, it just clicks...when it did start it chugged into it and then idled. I turned it off and tried to start it. All the electronics work when the keys in.
I want to paint car inside and out, plus I want to learn a little about it. Is there a site that has casting numbers or a decoder? Or, is there a book that I can try to get a hold of?
out of the car? No looking in the getting outside the car. Can you tell which side of the pump to pull up on when wanting to refuel? After 10 answers I'll give the correct answer in a comment under my question. :-)
Last winter, my 2007 Lexus got the winter mats caught on the gas pedal while I was on the X-way. Kept accelerating. I didn't know what was was smokin'g white like crazy, 'cause I was laying on the brakes trying to stop it. I probably travelled a mile-and-a-half that way...brake pedal to the floor (smokin' like crazy, smelling hot-hot-hot) 'til I could maneuver off the road and shut off the car. They checked my brakes at my request and said they were still fine. I have 15K miles on my car.They've now recalled these mats -- I know they've had some serious accidents with them...I think I am entitled, when the time comes, to new brakes or pro-rated new brakes because of this horrendous wear on them.Or is it horrendous wear? Hope this makes sense. Looking for an unbiase opinion. And I thank you.
Mine would be a cherry red 64 1/2 Mustang with black racing stripes