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I have a 2006 HHR and just love it !! The only problem is the noise from underneath. Sounds like a a loose strut or something. They have had it in th shop 5 times now and still don't have it fixed. Has anyone with an HHR had this experience.
Time for replacing my car! ^_^ I'm looking at those two to start. I want a coupe, but I want a back seat too, so Miata's are definitley out. Considering about 25k pricerange too- Are there any other ones I should consider???So does anyone own , or have any complaints about either?
need a number for XO-vision to contact customer service department having problems reaching some one other than e-mail address which they are not responding to. please someone help i purchase some tv screens and i'm having some problems with them and i need xo-visions help on replacing them or fixing them if anyone knows the customer service number please respond! Thank you.