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Fireman 1
I had a dead battery twice this week. I'm getting tired of ftrying to find someone who is willing to help me out.
I have the road but i dont have a specific address nor name. What can you do to help?
My son is accompanying a US citizen resident of Alaska to assist him in driving a new vehicle and belongings back to his new residence in Alaska. My son has no Passport - will he be allowed to pass through Canada to reach Alaska via auto? He will fly home from Alaska.
where we have to put car seats??? MAKE A SAFE ONE FOR THE FRONT!!!!! So needless...
The cartridge for my Car's cd changer got stolen last night and I want another one. Ford dealership in town doesn't have one. Need a 6 disk cartridge for a 2001 Mercury Sable LS
Gentleman finding it too exhausting cycling to Faintly Hill with his fishing equipment and would welcome sharing a car and help towards THE COST OF PETROL.Only genuine people reply please
He has valid international driver permit and he is a tourist for 2months . during his valid stay in USA can I add his name in my existingcar insurance ?
The song sounds similar to the song that has the lyrics "...hey Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up..." Once the car is dropped from the crane, it drives into the garage of a house.
My husband took his truck to the local PD after someone stole his tailgate, roll pan, tail lights and tac but even though the back of the truck was covered with prints they told him that it wasn't possible to retrieve them because the truck was dirty.