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Service Girl
If a car is hit and the parties involved agree to settle out of court and the police are not called... How long after the date of the actual accident does the person who's car was hit have to get a police report? Can they report it 4 days later?
I've got a 1990 Toyota Forerunner (200K miles) that needs $1500 in repairs before it can be driven.
We have a mystery battery that seems to be losing it's charge quickly when hooked up to my fiancee's project car, there's no radio/extra equipment that's installed any idea what it could be or how we could trace that? We've resorted to removing the cables when it's parked to keep it from draining, and the battery stays charged?
Should you get a $27,000 fine for purchasing a car that pollutes less?
I just saw a commercial on TV about fixing car scratches with a product called Fixit. It is the same guy who did the commercials/infomercials for OxyClean products. Thus, I am having a little doubt. Although, the price seems pretty cheap and it doesn't hurt to try unless it'll do more damage to my car's paint. Therefore, I am wondering if any of you had any personal experience with fixit.
No Skinny
Americans or Europeans.Your choice!!