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it comes to thousands of dollars over the cost of the loan. help. i need to make the decision now. i have to pick up my new car.
I'm considering buying a new car(GASP!) yes, I know, I'm poor, but with gas getting soo pricey, and the manufacturer of this car offering incredible deals, I need opinions
How do you stop your car from being towed illegally? I read stories in newspaper that unscrupulous tow truck drivers are towing people's cars away.One advice I heard is to turn your front wheel as far left/right as possible after you park because that makes cars a lot more difficult to tow. Will that trick work?What other tricks are out there?
my car runs good but i wonder how long the pistons or transmission will last, i need to replace hoses, belts, timing belt, but how about, starter, alternator,water pump, etc., what is projected life of these articles?
When I was driving I shifted to another speed and the car made a humming noise when I pressed on the gas pedal and the car lost accelaration. I tried different gears but it didn't seem to be getting any gas. What may be wrong?
I need someone to custom paint my micro-sprint car.
I think the Tango is really cute and I like that it can split lanes and can park between spaces, but don't like that the passenger has to ride in the back seat. Still you can't have it both ways! I like that it has a full roll cage like the racing cars for safety. But is there a better one out there? What do you think?
airbags are a major selling point these days. I am wondering how much influence it has/had on you when purchasing a vehicle.
Was wondering if they found out why the car exploded. He is from Brunswick, Ohio
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