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Be creative dont say newspaper ads!
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my girlfriend recently has her car fixed so that it would pass emissions, and then we would have to drive the mercury sable through a drive cycle before it would pass, and i dont know what that entails
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The Cooking Mom
I just brought my car home tonight, stopping in at a friends where I scraped the undercarriage of my new car on the hard snow. It has really little tires... so I was thinking of ways to raise the ground clearance. Also would modifying rims or tires nullify or void the warranty?
I have a 1966 am radio I'd like to "bench test" before installing in my car. I know I need a 12v power source and have been told that a car battery will work but I'm afraid of burning up the radio. What should I use and "how" do I test the radio? Any and all info. would be useful. Thanks !
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My daughter's friend was driving her car (she was not in it)and he got caught with drugs on him. Can her car be siezed by the police?
Smooth Ryder
And how do they tow a car that is in park? I have a FWD and they towed it with the rear wheels lifted....