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Vette Killer
I'm curious if It does cause Im thinking about buying one..
Sexy Boi
My son, who is 7, asked me how he supposed to get money to buy a car when he is sixteen if he cant get to work because he doesnt have a car yet.I told him mom and dad would give him a ride until he could buy his own car or he could borrow ours. How would you have answered this question?
Tags: details
Which one you prefer.........?
At that precise moment you realize that you are bankrupt. What is actually going on?
Tags: pushing
im 14 so i dont have ma own car but my mom drives a honda odissy and ma dad drives a honda something! i forgot wut it was! but we like hondas cause ma uncle owns a honda dealer so we get specal discounts!!!
I need to know cause im going to buy one and they are pretty expensive.. and wondered if they are reliable and such. thanks