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One known fatality, (my mother), Dona Mae Canady.Car was a Carmen Ghia, head-on collision with possible Ford, near Disneyland. Street could be Katella or Harbour.
if so what?I own a '29 ford Model A Roadster and a 69' GT500 Mustang.
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Politics Junkie
If I claim I think I will lose my no claims bonus and the insurance will go up.
Jonny Quest
The A/C unit in my VW Touran has stopped working, the compressor has failed internally sending shards of metal throughout the system. Could overcharging the system cause this?
not fully new, but they say the tire tread is 9-10/32ND, or another one says that it is "Treadware: 460 Traction A Temp: B". What does this mean???
especially when you put gas in it and start it up like a car you don't pedal anything you have a throttle?
the speed limit in almost whole world is under 80mph. within towns thatis 40-60 km/h.but a standart car can easily go beyond this. 
i really can't afford the car ...will the dealership be understanding...large major dealership.