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Just car questions I've noticed, but didn't want to ask incase people make fun of me for it. -_-
Tags: manual
i am buying new car speakers and need to know before i buy.
Charles Dean
I see these commercials of them unlocking doors, making phone calls, checking mechanical issues, give directions.... Is this really a good idea to let a stranger have control of your brand new car like that? What if you don't pay the fee, can they still do these things? Not looking for what is allowed but for what is possible.
Based on the window sticker showing in big numbers City 49 Highway 51 miles per gallon(mpg) fuel consumption (average 50 mpg) - I purchased the new car. The reality is 38 mpg. I feel decepted. And I am decepted. My question is: Who would be the NY State responsible Authority to send my complaint to???Sincerelly,Krste [email protected]
she has 5 children 15,14,13,8,5. works at mcdonalds.paper says donate cars to needy people. well where can she apply to get a car?