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on Tuesday June 12th 2007 @ approximately 7:30 I was struck at work by a f150 pickup he was going about 30 -35 miles an hour i am very lucky to even be typing this so i am trying to help my company by seeing what we could have done to prevent this.
Here are a few specs... No monthly fee... Must send updates to a computer (My cellphone wouldn't support SMS message which is what it would use)
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This is the director's feeble attempt to get motion into the "movie". Does it irritate you?
Do you take off the ground or positive cable from the battery and see if it dies.Anyway besides taking it off and replacing it.Thanks for the in put.
Wouldn't that money be better spent on our troops? I'd like to see the justification for this spending. I LOVE racing, but DAMN!
its our Mustang 68 i thought it wasnt th GT model butit is the Gt model i too apic wheni was going to my GranPa!
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