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was replaced, do you think this would be ok to buy? i mean, would it give me problems in the future because it was rebuilt or will it be ok since the radiator was only replaced?I really like this car. its brand new, very very low miles (30K), and its fully loaded. The make of the car-Honda-is also very good. neither i or my friends have had any trouble at all with Hondas. i have been successful with them in the past. They never give me trouble and they can probably run up to around 250,000 miles. What do you think? Thanks.
If you don't want to say (for whatever reason......) What kind of car would you LIKE to drive?
How do you handle it? Or do you say nothing? Tell me your funny stories!
I am just wondering what is the process for making gasoline for cars that is so expensive? And can an innovative person make their own?
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Any suggestions? It is a stock stereo in a 99 plymouth neon. i have used a cd cleaner but now i am at a loss. can anyone help?