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Now you look around and see kids running away!!What do you do?Have you ever been one of the kids that was throwing things?
can anybody give me some feedback concerning their experience with the ownership of a smart car.
How cool is that?It doesn't make me want the car, although it does make me want cake.
Only squeaks when I move the gear stick to change gear.I was hoping to put it down to just the hot weather and over use... but could it be dangerous?Any ways to fix this annoying thing?
my truck was damaged and tow truck people want two arms and both legs to tow it back to my house! over 300 miles away ! and i want to do work on it as cheaper ! but have tried everyway possible to locate landscape trailer for rent. i have tried almost everyway possible and keep on coming up with tractor trailers????
just foe all the little do-hickie parts
after market stereo, can't turn power on, though anti-theft LED blinks when key's turned on ACC mode