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this question is being asked because i am forced to get up every morning and open the windows of my car so they want get cracked. if it is 95 degrees out side, would the windows of a car crack if none are open?
I always give my car a name. I can't explain why or where the name comes from, it just comes to me and that's it. I have had Elsie and Fred. Now I have Baby Olive. What's yours?
Rose 'n' Dave
I came across a site that carries these 2 brand for cheap and was wondering if its worth buying? Thanks is advance. looking to buy some speakers to replace my factory ones in my car and don't want to spend too much of them.
I would like to rent an Uplander or a similar vehicle for 10 days, need seating for 7. Can u help?
help me,and also which is the best color to look,i love dark hunter green,
We've had a couple of Betsy's and a Taz, since we are shopping for a new vehicle I was wondering what it's name will be.
tekk me several places that are not that far from each other
I found a web site on the chicago PD to search for reported stolen and towed vehicles, and it's updated every 20 minutes. Is there a similar web site for New York City?