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been following since 1956, can't find good answer as to what it is?
it just because it stop beeping and the lights is only that goes on. what can it be the cause HELP
I noticed that some car batteries are sealed and never need to have water added. This seems safer, since it avoids those nasty hydrogen explosions when people jumpstarting cars accidentally knock off a battery cap. I was wondering if this was universal now or do just some car batteries come sealed?
I looking at renting a car for a month in August and all the optional insurance is very confusing. My own insurance will not cover so do I need to pay for more than liability? What do you think?
I was charged $9000. over the n.a.d.a. retail price. This is not a rare or antique car! The salesman led me to believe the car was worth $34k (the price of a '07). The retail n.a.d.a. price on a 2001 mercedes C240 is under $18k. I was charged $27k at an used car dealer.