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I only drove it to work 15 miles a day in two days and it broke down he also past the smog for me but the check engen light never went off. now he wants to charge me $400. to repair it.
Tags: mechanic
I tried starting it once it started then went off won't start now. The fuel safety button in the trunk is already pushed down. Can anyone out there help me start my car?
brought a car on ebay . no title came with the car but i figured if i had a notarized bill of sale and a receipt for the money MD MVA COULD WORK WITH ME. NO SUCH LUCK SO I NEED SOME HELP FINDING OUT WHAT TO DO
I guess nearly all of us are fed up with the irritating traffic jams everyday going to work & back & in the weekends. Is the globe getting smaller & smaller?
we had a brand new car - all of us piled out, went to the beach, la la la, came back and...
out of all the cars (or bikes) you have ever seen, had (or dreamed of having), which was your favorite?you can list a specific car (e.g. lamborghini murcielago [my favorite]), or a more broad subject (e.g. ferrari) 'bout it?
maybe there is wind resistant's with the windows down when driving on the freeway?