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Yesterday (ironically on my way home from an oil change), I signaled for a right turn and nothing happened. I tried the left turn signal and also nothing happened. I wasn't sure if they were working and it just wasn't showing on the dash, or if the lights didn't work at all. When I got home I checked them and they didn't blink outside either. I checked all of my other lights and they worked fine. When I turned on the hazard switch, the passenger blinkers flashed but not the driver's side. I checked the turn signal fuse and it looked fine. So I'm at a loss, but I would hate to take it in for a $75 diagnostic only to be told it was a $2 blown bulb. Could a blown bulb cause what I've described? What else could it be? I have a 1996 Mercury Sable.
I don't have a car like that, but I just thinking that one day these brand new cars will be in used lots around the country...was wondering...I know it'll be expensive(and is expensive to use, even to date,$100+/mo.)
S. R. B. W.
im looking for a 2007 pontiac solstice turbo convertable
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i live in tucson & it is very hot here. when i pick my son up from school i have 2 get there early 2 get a good spot and i leave the car on for the air conditioning. since it's a new car i wanted 2 know if it will hurt anything.
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Or are you like me, and make up a new one every car ride?.. and then force everyone to play. hehe
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