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I bought a new van and I want to put it in my family trust. Where do I go to do this. Possibly Az. motor vehicle dept
I think my dad said a good rule of thumb was 10,000/yr. Does that sound right?
This may be my que to go to bed. Goodnight everybody.
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There's an optimal speed for fuel efficiency while driving a car. I think it's around 50 MPH. So what I want to know is, are you better off gunning it to get to that speed, or gradually get up to 50 MPH? What made me wonder is that using the "Resume" function of my cruise control always accelerates very quickly up to the preset speed--and I wondered if that wastes any gas.
i want to rent a mustang or a sports car for a day,im 24 and have full licience.
Would you purchase the same vehicle again? What vehicle would you purchase if you could effort it?
Racer Boy 7
i want buy the save most petrol's can so that i will not spend so muchmoney
bought two. and in their 'owner's manual' they state that "When using this booster seat, NEVER (written in red) use a lap belt only. You MUST use vehicle seat belts that have a lap/shoulder combination". And other laws and regulations. I have lap belts only in the '86 chevy blazer.
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