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approaching they [male peacocks kinda criminal looking] strut slowly onto the road followed by their entourage of domesticated females. They are 5 in all showing off their plumage leisurely. I want to wage a war against them. They think they have it all well planned out do they but so have I..or I think..
Purchased a new car in Washington, changed my mind and tried to take it back 12 hours later. It was a very large dealership. Aren't there rules on returning a car with in 5 day or something like that?
I can finally afford to buy myself a nice car and I'm not sure that I should spend a lot of money on it. I see people go crazy for their cars and I'd like to know why it is so important to some people.
porsche and aston martin (the only ones I've found so far) have "car configurators" that let you create and modify a 3D or 2D model of a car. you can then order and buy the car you've created. however i cant find "car configurators" for lamborghini or ferrari. Can anyone help?
I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am that has a horn sounding like one of those little clown hand-bulb horns they squeeze at circuses. When someone's cutting me off or backing up on me really fast, I'd like to have a stronger honk. Is it easy have the car horn's sound changed?