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Mine has to be a 60's E-Type or perhaps the old Testa Rosta's. Corvettes are nice too.
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I am having problems with an 89 cadillac deville. I need to get to the battery but the handle thing that opens my hood is broke and I don't know how to get it open to get to my battery cable so I'm trying to find a different way to open the hood. Can someone help me please!!
My friend who weighs about 120 was in the backseat one day and it hit the ground a lot can anyone help me? Is it my shocks? How do i tell if my shocks are bad?
What do i need to do to the plastic before i start painting? Do i need to prime it? Do i need to sand it down? What all do i need to do? i need steps and if you can find a link to steps that have picture that would be awesome.
You can be sitting in your car or use the remote button...What was there reaction.. I have had quite a few and they are really funny to say the least..
You know, the ones that go "Step away from the car NOW!!!" with this robotic voice? Yeah, those annoying ones.