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Assuming that you dont want a second hand one.
car had no hood latch- it was broken and had to climb underneath to get it to release the hood--empty bottle of stp oil treatment lying there-- car had obvious signs of head gasket being redone
what are you thinking about before you go into a car lot or furniturestore? do you think they are going to rip you off? or is their fair and honest and polite sales people out there in the u.s.? does any one know the mark up in furniture ? i know cars isnt that high of a mark up anymore on new cars, interent killed that! used cars still high mark up.
its a 1998 toyota 4runner. its not been starting, when you turn the key it wont do anything. it takes like 5 tries before the engine will do anything. i think its the starter, unless anyone else has any other ideas.
I have a toyota previa 91 and I'm trying to make it pass the smog test. I had some other cars before and spent too much money on them trying to make them pass.
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