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ok heres the thing. i want to learn how to burn/peel out safely and not screw up my ride. some help plz.
ok 3rd time asking in less than a half an hour. Its been answered but want to make sure.1. wont f anything up on car2. can be done in a automatic front wheel drive car3. idk it sweet
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Is there a standard figure for a car or is it negotiated every time?
I bought my car last April from a car dealer. I got it appraised recently and I was told my car has frame damage. When I purchased the car it was "Certified" and it was free and clear of any accidents. Is that legal in Maryland to sell a car with frame damage?
I dont know if this is a dumb question or not, but i want to know if i were to have like a 3000 trade in could i put some of that towards another car and then have the rest as cash.. or does that not happen?
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This just does not make sense to me. We have a 1972 Cutlass Oldsmobile that doesn't have to be smogged for renewal, but our newer cars have to be smogged ever other year. (Not ours) But older cars give out more smoke and emissions then newer cars don't they?
it had been sittin for 2 years but it seems to idle fine i had a fuel filter changed and some injection cleaner put in seems to run slightly better but loss in power when i hold the pedal i had purchased this from a relative's yard