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i have 17' rims on my car.. i bought it this way and im thinking they might be causeing me to have bad gas milage.. is this true ?
Why does the speedometer cable keep going out on my 1995 Mercury Sable which i purchased brand new from the dealer? This will be the third one i will have to put in. The last time it costs me $350.00 and now they are telling me it will cost $802.00. I do not mind paying to have something fixed but to pay to fix the same thing over and over is stupid.
During a hot, sunshiney day, many more car alarms seem to be accidentally tripped than during cooler weather.Some people theorize that this is to do with insects inside the vehicle triggering one of the IR or microwave sensors, however that makes relatively little sense becausea) Insects could move inside the vehicle when the weather is cooler alsob) They are probably way too small to be detected by the sensors.
I want to make the dull worn down paint on my car shiny without repainting there a way? If wax is the best way, then does anyone recommend a certain brand?
I'm seeing many cars that should be between $1200 and $500 with asking prices of $2500 to $3500. I've always thought of Blue Book as a seller's starting point.
to buy a car in 2008 I placed a 99 dollar reservation fee. I acn' find link now is this a legal add?
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My car tires say sis's boy friend filled them to 35psi, i think that's not enough and my tires call for 44psi
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I am 19 years old and have 3 points on my licence along with a claim made for my current car.I cannot afford the current excess on my car of £700 - i am a named driver fully comp with Tesco for around £650 per year but the excess is rediculas!I also want to have alloys on and other yupes of mods but of course they put massive premoums on for such..Which insurance company should i go with considering my situation?