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It looks like I got a bit swindled when I bought my current vehicle. And in looking at what I owe compared to what the car is worth, I about croaked. I could use some good advice. Thanks folks!!
i would like it to be an eagle like the car make, not an american eagle unless it doesnt have the flag or whatever behind/ on it ... THANKS !!
seat belt is automatic, there are no broken parts, motor still works, it just came out of the track. i read online that they are obligated to fix any restraint on their cars for the 'driveable' life of the car. i called the dealership, but they are hesitant to fix it because the seatbelt is automatic, and it was from user error and not faulty equipment
I have a 2004 pontiac grand am, and the a/c quit working. The relay and the fuse for the a/c compressor were replaced but the compressor is still not turning on. I was told that the compressor doesn't have enough pressure. Besides taking it to a shop is there anything I can do?? Does my car need freon?? If it does can I put it in myself??
If not in San Diego, where close by?
In particular, there was an accident in the Mammoth Lakes area on April 21st, 2002 I'm trying to find. If anyone could direct me to some kind of archives site or something I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
I can figure out the speakers IF I can get it poweredup. I don't want to fry the thing