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Ze'_enigma Of Dissidence..!!!
China poses a dilemma for our conservative economists and politicians. In one way it's a socialist (communist) government and society, but at the same time it is exploiting its people to create a western-style society of entrepreneurs, businesses, investments and trade so that it can compete in the global market place. I'll be interested to hear President Bush's comments on his visit to the county for the Olympics. I wonder if he'll come home with the same comment he made when met Russian President Putin: (To paraphrase) "I looked into the eyes of the Chinese people and saw a government I can trust."
What caused the financial crisis. Who is to be blamed? For example is it the capitalist system, lack of supervision, bankers, etc. What are the repercussions? Is it blown out of proportion or is it as bad as the Great Depression?
Blue Cafe
The Satanic Bibles basic tenet is "Might is Right", let the weak perish & the strong get stronger - same as Capitalism.It also states that Envy, greed & ambition are great motivators without which nothing would get accomplished - same as Capitalism.Could Capitalism be closer to Satanism than its atheist sibling Communism?
You may contest the statement, but please explain how utility is employed in an economic sense. Explain how capital flows without utility. Explain the benefit to the system of maximum utility, and the consequence of minimum utility. what other variables effect utility directly?
With capitalism, if I see something I need, I buy it, or if the price is too high, I build it myself.With socialism, a committee is elected or appointed, to make such decisions for me and everyone.If the committee decides the price is too high, they take it.Isn't that the birth of war?Isn't an "fluid-Constitution" socialism the most undemocratic, anti-social, governing structure of all?Does Liberty belong to the individual, or to the majority opinion? ...What is the best balance?
One Twisted Child
Blue Cafe
If you had a choice of saving Free Market Capitalism by replacing all currencies with a Global RFID implant or going back to the Keynesian Mixed Economic model, which would you choose?
please be nice ,i have read links having trouble comprehending what i have read ....trying to learn before the rug is yanked out from under me ......................god bless ya