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sister has old computer she sez has 750 processor and 64 meg of sez 167 processor and 24 meg of ram.
just wondering, i found an older ram module that works laying around.
The mass of a sample of matter is 80.3g. The sample loses 1004J of heat to the surroundings as its temperature decreases from 75.2C to 58.1C. What is the specific heat capacity of the matter?
What is the best towing capacity for fuel economy. Decent fuel economy is at least 20 mpgc and towing should be over 4000
Billy Jean
We are told limited Refinery Capacity is the Reason behind Skyrocketing Gas Prices. If that is truly so, then why have I not seen one case of a station running out of Gas ? I say follow the money - How is it they keep reporting RECORD PROFITS !?! And why aren't the politicians All Over This - they are very quiet about the Gas Price Disaster...