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I got this vhs camera in like 1995 or 1996 so it uses cassete tapes instead of new style cd's so will i be able to transfer/upload the movies from that camera onto a disc
Sabrina ;p
Spying is not right but the safety of the children should always come first. I'm lucky I have my mum and my husbands mum to look after mine on very rare occasions . If neither of them can do it I just don't go. My husband stays home and looks after our 3 children and i work. We don't have a lot of money but it is worth it when you know your kids are safe.
Hi. I'm in the market for a new digital camera. I'm currently looking at the Sony Cybershot DSC-H5/B. Is this a good choice? I want to look at some good digital cameras that have excellent image quality, with a good zoom, but, I don't want to spend more then $500-$550 US Dollars. (I'm a 15 year old Student, so, I have to "work" for my money ;)I prefer to use Compact Flash, Memory Stick Pro, Or MS Pro Duo Memory. Does anyone have any ideas on any better deals? Or....Is this a good choice? Just keep in mind that I don't want to go over $550.Thanks a lot!!!
I'm watching a Jesus Christ Superstar movie by Norman Jewison. It has commentary on it with Norman Jewison and the person who played Jesus, and they said that it was the last movie to be filmed on Todd AO wide-screen lenses. I have no idea what those are.
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I have been thinking about making a laptop of my own since reading about being able to do so on the internet. It is difficult to find bare-bone laptops out there,especially in big-time electronics stores like Best Buy