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Asking them to vote for Obama? Do you have a link? Thanks ! xo:)
Hippogriff Lover
Why is there this idea that when a women calls you she expects more...
people actually met and became a "couple" through QnA? tell us!!! inquiring minds are nosey...give some details! I know of three but that's only because THEY told come on fess up!
can anyone edit a picture of a black panther so it has white spots? i swear its not homework or nething... its kinda a long story... but ill vote for whoever's is the best.
Are there any common programs that other students in your uni uses but you don't? Just thinking of what I need to get to be ready for uni next year.
Chicago Lady
We are registered for both home phones and cell phones but nothing seems to deter them! Does anyone else continue to be pestered by unsolicited political campaigners, telemarketers and charities seeking donations?