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The new windows 7 calculator has severe limitations. Typing 2 and then squaring it a few times will result in an "overflow" message. In the old version of calculator you could let the computer chug away for hours and get immensely large numbers. I commonly used this to benchmark computers by seeing how long it would take to square a very large number. I really want to see the overflow limitation removed.
I have a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator and every time I go to add an app through TI connect software following the directions I get the message Incompatible software and the only thing it ever says is compatible is the read me files. I am running vista and I run TI connect in compatibility mode. Any help would be a appreciated.
I know how to get in to the program creating mode. What I don't know it how to write the program because I don't know the programming language. Can anyone direct me to a site that explains the programming language for the calculator so I can writ games and stuff for mine. Thanks.