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Sheriff Billy Goat
I need this so I can put it into a computer program so I can figure out why my model SpaceShip One rocket crashed two times out of three.
I am doing a titre calcuation. Details are:Substance = NaOH (40g mol-¹)Amount of substance = 22.175 cm³So how many moles of sodium hydroxide are in that liquid and (if you have the time to explain) how do you work it out?
2 H2S(g) + SO2(g) ---> 3 Srhombic(s) + 2 H2O(g)<---PH2S = 1.0 10-4 atmPSO2 = 1.0 10-2 atmPH2O = 3.0 10-2 atm
I'm trying to do my chemistry homework, but I ran into a couple of problems I don't know how to do, and I couldn't find an example in my notes or text book.Here's one of the problems:After 42 days a 2.0 gram sample of phosphorous- 32 contains only 0.25 gram of isotope. What is the half-life of phosphorous- 32?