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i started to download an update to microsoft player....the computer stopped and the mouse pointer I powered off and on and now i only get a screen that says going into powersaver mode and shuts down......
My school is being a real pain in the rear about blocking myspace and facebook from ALL the computers on the campus. Even if you have a laptop, you can't get into these sites. All that I know is that they are using StBernard stuff to block it and i have heard of ppl bypassing it and I would like to know how.
my friend had a filter put on his computer to keep his kids from geting on certain websites... but it blocks some good and bad websites (IT EVEN BLOCKS LYRICS.COM!!!). so he needs to keep the filter on his computer, but he needs to go websites such as ans i told him to go to, because it bypasses filters but the filter blocked can anyone tell me how he can get to his websites but keep the filter on the machine for the kid's sake?And incase you need to know he is on dial up with cybergate and the filter is with help him!!!
or an installable program because i don't have an administrator's access, it would help if it could be done on a mac as well as we have 2 labs of windows xp formatted stuff, and 2 labs on Macs, and I'm on a mac more often.i know many don't like what i want to do, but if you don't like what i want to do, please do not reply unless you're helping.
I forgot my password and cant get in. My computer running Windows XP has a back door that was preinstalled by Microsoft or Dell. Is there such a thing for a laptop running Microsoft Windows 2000? Any decrypting software I can run? I don't want to reinstall.