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If you were a business teacher advising students to focus on one area, using a single word, what would that word be.
I need help trying to find out the required classes for a business, fashion, and advertising major at FIDM or any other colleges who offer these majors.
How many times can I clean install Vista Business? I have legal copy, but I think it is OEM though and not thru any PC manufacturer, but through a student discount company for college students. I plan on using it on the laptop, because it’s the only computer I have. Vista seems to have many bugs so I may have to format a lot. I am worried about the activation. How many times can I activate it? Also activate Office Professional 2007?Thanks
a friend of mine who is owner operator of 2 tractor trailers would like to obtain rights for them. how do we go about doing that. we need to have information on how to start his own trucking business. please help. thanx
I started this pet setting / dog walking business, aimed toward taking care of peoples pets while they are away, the problem is I seem to be attracting seniors who would like their dogs walked but they can't afford much $$. I can't say no I feel sorry for them, it does take my time & gas etc, what to do...