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im doing a project for my civics and economics class and we are starting our own businesses and i need to know the details of what i need for my business such as: start up cost, monthly profit, fixed and variable costs,....
where is nearest college? need proffesional qualification? am female. will benefits agency pay for it?
There were initials after it in lowercase and someone initialed it before it was sent to me.
I was President and Chairman of the Board of Reebok Team Uniforms and manufactured product in the United States until we could not compete with foreign competation. I would like to use my vast knowledge to start a new company with grant monies to manufacture sporting goods product in the United States or foreign countries to employee aproximately 100 people.
I want a home business where I do not have to bug people to get into. That is handled through the internet. Please contact me if you know of a business like this that is not costly to enter.
honest to goodness... "Wawa" I laughed out loud, I had images of a whiny *ss person coming up with the, but apparently it means goose?So what do you have in your part of the world that if you think about a funny name?