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distribute your time?A-during the day,spend three times as much time patrolling the residential as you would the business districtB-during the night,spend three times as much time patrolling the residential district as you would the business areaC-day or night,send half of your time in the business district and half in the residential areaD-spend all of your time in the business district by day and half of it there at night
A-they're usually unoccupied at nightB-they contain more valuable merchandiseC-they're easier to enterD-they have more places for burglars to conceal themselves
Are they acting responsible with the tax payers money? It appears that the elected officials of our country are running around with their heads cut of? We did not learn a thing from the pass for all the effort FDR put into government putting America back to work all it did was cloud up the system with corruption and failure after failure with limited number of success, it was the industrial sector that took us out of the GREAT DEPRESSION! We should be pushing toward introducing new small businesses into our economy!
And what are the things to eat that are good for making your brain able to understand better, learn quick, and recall good?
A family member needs some assistance around starting up a consulting business. Wasn't sure of where to start advising here so was wondering if any folks on QnA have tips or information based on personal experiences to share... Does he need to open an LLC? Does he need formal legal contracts to be drawn up by a lawyer? What are the risks and learned lessons I need to warn him about here? Any links or references for more information are truly appreciated!! Thanks!
When you consider that it takes 110k + to keep a business running in addition to personal income expenses there is not a lot of money for the small business to stay alive. Middle class America would suffer making way for the BIG business and little competion.
Concerning small business in general.......................With the conditions of the banking community and lack of interest in helping entrepreneurs even want to create more income even though our country depends on my opinion.........$250,000.00 is a drop in the bucket for most companies trying to expand. It may be a lot for a household but not for the small business wanting to expand.I saw this current economic situation coming and not sure I see anything better ahead.Where is my incentive to expand, grow, hire more?Why in the world would any business want to incur much debt?Do you think they will still be coming in? Will I see more of them or less of them?
Now that the Pelosi Gang is under the gun it must be okay now.