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Just Kim
Im planning to open a specialized fast food near a school, and we specialize in fried chickens and pork chops during lunch time, then BBQ starting late afternoon until late night, here the the names1. Ho Kings Fried and BBQ2. Chap Kings Fried and BBQ3. ChiChops Fried and BBQ4. Crispings Fried and BBQI would like a name which sticks to the customers mind, and has a delicious zing, if you dont like any of the above names, please feel free to suggest, as i have yet to register it. Thank you.
I am really enthusiatic on launching a Corner Street Internet Cafe? Can you please give me some Pros and Cons or ideas on how to get started.
Will run Office apps efficiently, has some entertainment value (music/dvd's), video games not necessary. I need specs, i.e. processor type and speed, ram, video, probably a 120gb HD and a manufacturer model if known.
Seven months later...I go in to work today,(i am a nail tech),and i am busy,just like that! What gives? Not that i am complaining.
I haven't messed with this for a long time and forgot how to do it. Can somebody help me to make business cards on my computer?
She was a little surprised and a bit miffed when I chose not to switch my business to her current company. According to her, most clients choose to be loyal to the person who serves them, not the company that person represents. I would like feedback from you.
The Mommy
So much for paying bills, grocery shopping and cooking dinner. Hubby's out picking up appliances and the help called off sick. I'm never going to get to catch up with DAYS at this rate! Ha, ha! Catch you all from the shop! Have a great day.
don't need me! Do any of you have absent owners? and does your company run smoothly without them?