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require as much info as possible. for a project. thanks
In process of opening and establishing a new business that is geared toward repairing laptops specifically. Yes, they can be fixed at a reasonable charge and you do not have to buy a new one. Where do you look locally, online for the laptop or computer repairs you need to have done? Be specific. Also, answers from the Boise-Meridian-Eagle-Nampa are are very welcome, as are any and all.Thanks!
I have Vista Ultimate registered to me. I also have Vista Business.If you go to System (Computer properties), at the bottom it shows you your product key and there is a link to change the product key.If I change it to a Vista Business one, will my Ultimate successfully downgrade to Business?
I have been trying to find a powerful firewall that will keep out anything so I do not have to waste system resources on running multiple programs like Spysweeper, or Avast!, or Trend Micro. Norton and McAfee are terrible so PLEASE don't suggest them. I'm hoping someone knows of a program similar to BlackICE because I haven't been able to find anything else.
I have recently purchased a business and wish to alter the website. However, the previous owner is not contactable so I am unable to attain information regarding who hosts the website. Is there a free service that can inform me as to who provides the hosting for my business web domain.
I would like to know how I would be able to start my own cell phone business. My own service provider
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