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I have seen questions on serveral websites that say, "Are you looking for a home based business?" Is it wrong for them to ask that or is it a good way for people to get ahold of potential affiliates? Okay or wrong, your thoughts....
if from profit what percentage should be marked for business maintance or growth? if from estimates what percentage should be added to an estimate for business growth
what is the minimum profit margin that should be acceptible in a business? how much should go back into the company and how much should become owners equity? stated in percentages
Example: I go to a restaurant and pick up my order along with 2 more people order from my office and deliver it to them. They pay me $1 as service.Does any state ban me from doing that? It is an earning, but do I need any license to deliver the items. I will be using my own car to go to the restaurant.
A gentleman asked me if I wanted more free time etc etc etc. And he is from a home based business I wont mention the name of here. Anyway, it seems alot like one I heard of years ago entitled Interbiz. Does anybody by chance heard of Interbiz, or some other name it could be operating now under?
i know online places do it but what about like office max or staples some store that i can go to
Here are the Presidential terms and the increase in GDP calculated from: Jr. +8.75%Clinton. +17.87%Clinton +13.53%Bush Sr. +8.81%Reagan. +15.98%Reagan. +12.63%Carter. +13.67%Nixon-Ford. +10.62%Nixon. +12.38%Johnson. +21.81%Kennedy-Johnson. +19.86%Eisenhower. +10.91%Eisenhower. +13.45%Truman. +21.00%Here are the increases of debt/GDP: are the jobs created by Presidential term:​ms