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does the current financial reporting model for municipalities accurately portray the full business of government? What is the problem with GASB 14 as it stands now? Should the definition of a reporting entity be changed? Another question - should a rainy day fund be a line item in the general fund, a column of its own or be placed only in the footnotes to the financials?
proposing to European manufacturersales, warehouseing, shipping of their products to US, Canada and Mexico
And furthermore, what do you do when times get rough, and how do you know when to throw in the towel?
hi i just want to find out information about business technology optimization providers ,its benefits anyone could help me or provide any web address.
From the eyes of the business owner, is this a justified case for gambling?From the eyes of the consumer or customer, is this a justified case for gambling?
holders that the rich and famous might carry. Maybe have their initials on it.