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I need a copy or receipt of the annual check I receive for my dairy milk that was sent to Lank Of Lakes butter fat for 2006. The amount was under $100.00 but I have to show any money I recieived. This check is a premium or stock of some kind. Please let me know if you can help me.thank you,Patricia Greene
Also how do I import an Act data base into Business contact manager under outlook 2007?
I need to validate their legitimacy as a legal business and not a spam
I have multiple health problems that are in themselves difficult to manage but need to occupy myself with something creative so I do not go crazy. Is there a grant out there that will help me? school is out as I would miss too much time. Perhaps a mentor. I like to do oil painting and wood carving when tremors are not bad and lighting problems don't interfere with visual problems.
Queen D
Don't most companies use somewhat different formats for different business forms (statements, flyers, etc), rather than using letterhead for everything? What is the generally accepted proper business etiquette?
I am 13 and want to stat an online business. I can take care of PayPal and stuff. I am interested in virtual delivery. Any ideas to make me money? Good responses get many votes.